News From The Old Time Preachers Quartet

First Music Video Goes Viral

 "We honestly never expected the response to be this overwhelming. We are getting emails and calls from all over the country from people who have seen this video. It has really taken on a life of its own." -Mike Holcomb

Nashville, TN (May 23, 2016) Family Music Group artist, the Old Time Preachers Quartet, released a special music video in response to the success of their debut single, "The Old Time Way." The video honors some of the great pioneers of the faith such as Charles Spurgeon, Billy Sunday, Curtis Hutson, and more. The video single was released this past Friday and has already reached over 100,000 people in just three days. 

Over the last month, the Old Time Preachers Quartet have released a new video vignette each Monday on their official Facebook page, introducing the fans of Southern Gospel Music to the quartet. The first series of videos have allowed fans to get to know Mike Holcomb, Les Butler, Lee McNeill, and Jeremy Ballinger. 

Launched earlier this year, the Old Time Preachers Quartet has quickly become one of the most watched new groups in Gospel music. "The reception of the quartet has been amazing. Promoters are calling, fans are emailing us with excitement, and DJ's are giving us good reports all across the country," stated Les Butler. The group just recently wrapped up their first tour that took them throughout Florida. While there they presented a special concert for the WJGM shareathon event in Jacksonville, FL.